Special steel deserve exceptional efficiency

Our mills have developed and continue to develop very “special” steel products for very specific applications.
As example, Deutsche Edelstahlwerke produces:

  • Metal powders
    - PM M4
    - PM 10V
    - Z-Wear
  • Ferro-Titanit® - Carbide-alloyed materials for maximum stresses*
  • Hard Alloys, in the field of wear- and corrosion-resistant alloys*
  • Dental alloys*

*Material to be supplied through direct sales from the mills.

Finkl Steel produce custom forging products and their engineering experts team up with their customer to go to performing solutions. Ugitech works closely with pulp and paper engineering companies to design together the next generation (grades, shapes) of filtration systems.

We can also supply you with metal powder material which offer great performance: high degree of toughness and wear resistance.
Those products are particularly used to improve the processes performance by replacing steel with traditional advantages such as the ones we have in Cryodur 2379, Cryodur 2436, Rapidur M2 and others.

The above examples show the extensive expertise of our engineers.
If you Encounter technical issues with your most demanding applications,
do not hesitate to contact us.