Always close to our customers.

The company was formed in 1975 and after a certain number of structure and denomination evolutions, it was acquired by the Swiss Steel Group in 2004.
Today, the activities of Swiss Steel Brazil are focused on providing the highest  quality Tool Steels, Stainless Steels and Nitriding Steels from our own mills: Deutsche Edelstahlwerke, Ugitech, Steeltec, Swiss Steel,  Finkl Steel.
The group operates in Brazil with 3 strategic locations to strengthen local customer service and make it easier for their partners to quickly implement innovative projects at high level of quality: 

  • São Paulo: Headquarters, Sales Office, Warehouse  and Service Center
  • Caxias do Sul: Sales Office & Warehouse  and Service Center
  • Joinville: Equipe de Vendas


Swiss Steel Brazil

Rua José Antônio Valadares, 285 - Vila Livieiro, 04185-020 - São Paulo – SP
Phone: +5511 2083-9000

Rua Giuseppe Formolo, 400 – Bairro Cruzeiro – 95074-100 – Caxias do Sul –RS
Phone: +5554 3212-1300

Joinville – SC
Phone: +55 47 98816 3052
Phone: +55 47 98837 0160