For sustainable mobility in the future.

The multiple evolutions faced by the automotive sector in terms of security, environment and reliability generate a continuous increasing demand for special steels with improved mechanical properties. And in this mass production sector, cost effectiveness  is a major challenge.

Our production entities guarantee product competitiveness and quality.
Deutsche Edelstahlwerke produces the complete range of tool steel, including Thermodur (hot work die steels), Formadur (plastic mold steels), and Cryodur (cold work tool steels).
Ugitech and Steeltec offer a large range of high machinability steels
(UGIMA®, ETG®) for engine components.
Finkl Steel produces steels for plastic molds and applications.
Ugitech is the leading supplier of welding wires for exhaust system

Our long experience in this industry leads us to cooperate with the main automotive industry player: from the upstream part (joint R&D programs)
up to the just in time delivery in any plant all over the world.


Swiss Steel Brazil

Rua José Antônio Valadares, 285 - Vila Livieiro, 04185-020 - São Paulo – SP
Phone: +5511 2083-9000

Rua Giuseppe Formolo, 400 – Bairro Cruzeiro – 95074-100 – Caxias do Sul –RS
Phone: +5554 3212-1300

Joinville – SC
Phone: +55 47 98816 3052
Phone: +55 47 98837 0160

Product Groups:
Stainless, Acid- and Heat-resistant Steel
Tool Steel
High-Grade Structural Steel
Bright Steel
Special Steel